Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vancouver Restaurants Own The Gold For Culinary Class

Barely after catching its collective breath from the Olympics, Take One, Olympics Take Two, the Paralympics, are upon the city of Vancouver and its residents. Lucky for all the people traveling here to participate or observe, the world's food and restaurant critics seem to have agreed on one thing...that Vancouver is second to none when it comes to dining out in Olympic cities. High, low, North, south, Local, ethnic, Fast or slow, Vancouver has the food that you crave right now.

We won't, however, even attempt to say it better than NY Times food critic, Sam Sifton, did at the beginning of the games. We just urge you to click on over>>>
“The most ravenous visitors to this marvelous, temperate city will begin their culinary touring almost from the moment they land at Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island in suburban Richmond, where a vast Asian enclave is growing.” The complete article can be found at

Market at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver
For  a New York take on Vancouver Restaurants, be sure to click HERE. It will take you to a sort of cheat-sheet of excellent Vancouver Restaurants. Such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Market at the Shangri-La Hotel...

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