Sunday, June 17, 2018

Huierie St Michel Paris & Menton

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Infused olive oils is the specialty of this Menton-based, family-run olive oil presser. It was founded in 1896 but that hasn't stopped them from evolving their tastes and products. 

These are some of its bestsellers. You can pick up gift products in the Marais at their Paris boutique located at 45 rue du Temple Paris 75004. 

huliere st michel citron de menton downloadhilieri st michel products imagesHuile-dolive-Fotolia_st michel 78245huilierie st michel 1 mages


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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Les Vignerons Parisiens & La Confiture Parisienne

by Paige Donner

For a double-whammy on #localfoodandwine bliss, stop by Paris' only urban winery on rue de Turbigo in the 2nd arrondissement, Les Vignerons Parisiens, to pick up the jamglee du vin rouge download

that they inspired the ladies behind Confiture Parisiennes to make in their honor: wine jelly!



gelee nuits saint georges downloadThese limited edition jams and jellies are made with wine grapes as their base and they perfectly with crackers and cheese and, yep!, dainty (or not so dainty) sips of wine.

An urban winery is a tried-and-true concept in familiar wine regions in the U.S. such as Napa, Santa Ynez and Willammette Valley - but folks here in Paris are still getting used to the concept. But Les Vignerons Parisiens is one of the most inviting chais I have ever visited here in France, and that it's just a few minutes walk from my office makes it even better!


So if you're visiting the city and are hankering to get that wine experience in, but have limited time, Les Vignerons is the next best thing to a visit out to Bordeaux or Burgundy. The vinification tanks are on premise and they'll even tour you around the premises, explaining how the wine is made. Finish this all off with a tasting of their red and white wines - coupled now by the divine Confiture Parisienne limited release of wine grape jellies.

#localfoodandwine never tasted so good - in Paris!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cuvées Sakanti Bali & Kilti Haiti Valrhona Chocolat

by Paige Donner

Can chocolate have cuvées, like fine wines do? That is the premise on which these two new fine chocolate releases are based upon by the Valrhona team of expert chocolate makers.

Valrhona is based in the Tain l'Hermitage region of central France. Most people don't realize it but the likes of famous chocolatiers (Patrick Roger for example) and patissiers (Pierre Hermé for example) source as much as 140 tons of Valrhona chocolate - per year! - for their masterful creations.

Championed by Frédéric Bau, the Chef Patissier and Creative Director of Valrhona chocolates, each year the famed house sources different specific locally grown cacao that has exceptional aromatic qualities. This year those two "cuvées" have been sourced from Haiti and Bali. The initiative was born in 2008 and falls under the name of Cuvées de Sourceur Valrhona. The cacao that is sourced is grown in exceptional terroir, a singular history and rare aromatic qualities.

Cuvée Sakanti Bali 68%

This year we are delighted by the Cuvée Sakanti Bali 68% that exhibits Fruity and Chocolate-y qualities.  To best experience the aromatic character of this chocolate, close your eyes, open the packet of chocolate and inhale the bananas flambé and roasted caramel scents.

The cooperative in Bali which produces this cacao was discovered by accident in 2013 by Valrhona's 'sourcing expert,' Julien Desmedt. Sakanti means 'glittering' in Balinese and this cacao has an uplifting acidity marked by its fruity notes, followed by intense chocolate with subtle bitter notes.

Fruit associations of this chocolate cuvée:  Banana, grapefruit, mango; Spice notes: frensh coriander  Aromas:  cognac, acacia honey  Dried fruits/nuts: Almonds, pine nuts, mint.

The optimal use of this chocolate is for chocolate bars.

Cuvée Kilti Haiti 66% Fresh and Balanced

The notes here are a beautiful vanilla and wonderful acid balance. Valrhona's engagement with Haiti began in 2010. It was then that they decided to pioneer a project of 38 hectares of quality-grown cacao where the house piloted a regeneration of agroforestry which is based on bio-diversity even on the same parcel of land which allows, too, for more diversification of revenue for the producers.

The word 'Kilti' means 'culture' in Haitian. Often when we think of Haiti we think of images of climactic catastrophe. But there is a lot of richness to be discovered in this land, notably too its cacao.

The tasting notes of Kilti Haiti are a light acidity on first taste, which then yield to beautiful classic chocolate notes with hints of roasted dried fruits and nuts on a base of persistent sweet-bitter.  NOTES: red fruits, pear, citronnelle; Aromas: baked cookies, ginger; SPICES: coffee, vanilla.

Best uses: chocolate bar, chocolate creams and ganache.

For an extra delightful experience, try pairing these chocolates with a range of deep, rich red wines and even other beverages such as saké, beer, tea and sparkling varietal grape juice.


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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Episode 36: 2017 Bordeaux, Chef Sylvestre Wahid & Boneshaker Doughnuts Paris

by Paige Donner

Episode 36 Paris GOODfood+wine

For our April in Paris Goodfood+wine show, we take you this month to the city's first freshmade doughnut shop, Boneshaker Doughnuts; we bring you with us on a tête-a-tête with a 3rd generation Bordeaux château wine expert who tells us about her 2017s just in time for En Primeur; And, lastly, but most certainly not least, you join me for a sit-down with Chef Sylvestre Wahid, the 2-star Michelin chef whose 10-table dining room called Restaurant Sylvestre on rue St. Dominique, offers truly luxury dining and spares no detail in the service, the setting or the cuisine.

photos by Paige Donner, more on

So relax, kick up your feet, pour yourself a glass of whatever is tugging at your taste buds this minute, and join us for yet another episode of Paris GOODfood+wine where we introduce you to some of France's finest wine and food entrepreneurs and experts.

chateau de parenchere 2017 cropped IMG_6037IMG_6039

photos by Paige Donner, more on

We'll begin the show with Julia Gazaniol whose grandfather purchased Château de Parenchère in 1958. For most wine estates in Bordeaux, 2017 was an especially difficult year, climatically speaking. Many estates lost anywhere from 50 – 80% of their grapes due to late frosts. It was the smallest Bordeaux harvest since 1945. However, as Julia will explain to us in greater detail, the quality remains quite good..

Fresh-baked Paris Doughnuts by Boneshaker Doughnuts on rue d'Aboukir Paris 75002

Boneshaker Bacon Doughnut for Paris GOODfood+wine




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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Episode 35: Grand Café Tortoni, Chef Arbalaez & Olivier Giraud

by Paige Donner

If there was ever an episode of Paris GOODfood+wine that will make you want to book the next flight to Paris, it's this one.

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Victoire de Taillac Grand Café Tortoni photo by Paigefoodwine Instagram

First up, we have the utterly charming and so very humble, Victoire de Taillac who is the co-owner, along with her husband, of Le Grand Café Tortoni. It's newly opened in the Upper Marais on rue Saintonge and here she gives us the very colorful backgrounder on why every schoolchild in France has already heard of Le Grand Cafe Tortoni.

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Then, we take a little intermission break and speak with a local Parisian celebrity, namely Olivier Giraud. He's the star performer of the one-man show, How To Become Parisian In One Hour. He's amused and delighted audiences since first performing his hour-long routine at the Théâtre des Nouveautés in the Grand Boulevard district of Paris just about 8 years ago now.



Lastly, we turn to the Parisian-by-way-of-Colombia young chef, Juan Arbalaez who was so inspired by lemons that he named his newest restaurant Limon. He'll tell us all about that here on the show.

So, get ready for yet another enticing, appetizing, delicious and tempting episode of Paris GOODfood+wine.


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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Holiday Sparkling Cocktail - Crémant de Bordeaux with Tea Infusion

by Paige Donner (sponsored post)

Looking to liven up your holiday season party-hosting scene? Try this newest sparkling tea wine cocktail recipe suggested by a savvy mixologist here in Paris...


Start with a Crémant de Bordeaux (you can also use your sparkling wine of choice).  Leave at room temperature while you infuse the glass of sparkling with a tea bag such as ginger-lemon for a demi-sec or red fruit infusion for a sparkling rosé.  Let the tea bag infuse the cocktail for several minutes. 

tea bag 2-250x250


  • Bottle of sparkling wine - Roche Mazet
  • Tea bags (red fruits for Rosé, ginger-lemon for Demi-sec)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Optional - tea infusded simple syrup
  • Garnish-Cranberries (rosé); Candied ginger (demi-sec )

Take out and swirl the glass of sparkling with several ice cubes to chill the liquid. Remove the ice cubes (or leave them in if you choose). Garnish with a sprig of cranberries or candied ginger. 

As a slight variation to this recipe, prepare a tea-infused simple syrup beforehand. When you mix the cocktail, add a dash of the syrup just as you are chilling the liquid. The syrup can be lightly sweetened or more exuberantly sweetened, depending on personal taste. 

The best sparklings to try this cocktail recipe with this season are Roche Mazet sparkling wines, Crémant de Bordeaux. Their newest is the Crémant de Bordeaux Malésan which is a blend of Sémillon and Cabernet Franc. 

cremant de bordeaux malesan unnamed

Some stats here in French: 

Avec un marché des vins effervescents en pleine ébullition et à l'approche des fêtes de fin d'année, CASTEL a développé un réel savoir-faire par des nouveautés qui répondent aux attentes des consommateurs. Tour d'horizon sur les marques et leurs marchés avec Roche Mazet, Villa Veroni, Maison Castel et sa dernière nouveauté Crémant de Bordeaux Malesan. 

--- Crémant de Bordeaux : la nouvelle AOP effervescente qui monte ---
CASTEL accompagne le développement du terroir bordelais en matière de Crémant de Bordeaux avec le lancement du Crémant de Bordeaux Malesan, une marque reconnue par les consommateurs.
Un crémant brut qui allie gourmandise et fraîcheur avec un assemblage de Sémillon majoritaire et Cabernet franc. Disponible en GMS au tarif indicatif de 7 €.

--- Les autres effervescents de terroir ---
Le terroir est un critère de sélection de plus en plus important pour le consommateurs qui se tourne vers des origines reconnues. C'est le cas pour les 4 AOP de Crémant mais aussi pour les effervescents du Languedoc et d'Italie avec le Prosecco.

Roche Mazet propose 3 cuvées aux caractères singuliers : Chardonnay Brut, Syrah Brut rosé, Muscat Demi-sec.

Villa Veroni, le spécialiste de l'effervescence italienne, innove avec le lancement de sa gamme de cépage 100% itailen : Pinot Grigio en Brut et Rosato.

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