Saturday, January 18, 2014

Luxury Travel For Pets

for the most demanding clients ´pets : private jets, limos , hairdressers, five star hotels , dog psychology ... Everything is possible for animal lovers...

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Local Food And Wine Next Stop Spain Réplica del esmoquin de Armani lucido por Leonardo DiCap...

Local Food And Wine Next Stop Spain Agencia de Lujo

Next Stop Spain is the benchmark for the VIP clients in arranging their trips to Spain since previously there was no company with the experienceto put the entire country at the disposal of those who wanted to discover the majesty of our country. Due to this continuous pursuit of excellence they have created a new way to travel and take care of your pets stay for unique customization.

The prestigious luxury travel agency Next Stop Spain is the first one to offer specialized travel for the most demanding clients ´pets : private jets, limos , hairdressers, five star hotels ...

"We are receiving a very high demand for luxury stays for pets of our clients. Currently, a program designed to measure a known entrepreneur includes limousine transfer for his pet to his private plane where everything is arranged during the flight so he can enjoy his favorite dishes made ​​by an expert in canine nutrition chef . After his arrival and transfer by helicopter each day includes different activities: from costume tests from brands like Little Lily, which make ​​replicas of the dresses worn at the Oscars by celebrities, to education courses and canine psychology taught by the most famous dog trainer in the world, known for his television programs "explain the founders of Next Stop Spain.

It is well known that millionaires who love their pets spare no expense when it comes to make them happy and Spain already have numerous five-star hotels for canine customers. Dogs suffer when they have to leave their homes and separated from their owners for a few days , but the sadness and anxiety is not so much when they can enjoy the exquisite attentions of this canine luxury residences, which include massage services, beach walks, dog grooming salon, gym, private pool, supervising caregivers 24 hours, music, television, and even canine hydrotherapy beds scented with lavender. Besides, how could it be otherwise, the owners are informed of the status of their dogs continuously by sending photos and videos or directly from the webcam.


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Grey Goose's Sundance

by Paige Donner

As Hollywood hitches itself once again to the Sundance Film Festival post in Park City, Utah as it does every winter, Grey Goose will be there to welcome the filmmakers, revelers and partymakers with specially designed cocktails. And lots of celebrities at their film nights and lounges.

Local Food And Wine Grey Goose Le Fizz

grey goose le fizz

Local Food And Wine Grey Goose Cherry Collins

grey goose cherry collins


Local Food And Wine Grey Goose Hot Apple Cider


grey goose hot apple cider

The Cocktails (And below is a sampling of past years Celebs in Attendance at the Grey Goose Lounge).

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Each year GREY GOOSE Vodka brings in its celebrated master mixologists to create unique specialty cocktails in honor of the films.  Guests will once again enjoy the sparkling Le Fizz or the vodka infused warm apple cider upon arrival at the cozily decorated lounge, and this season bespoke cocktails such as the will Cherry Noir Rudderless Ale and the Cherry Noir Song Spice be highlighted.

For the third year the GREY GOOSE Blue Door has played host to the Festival's top film casts and served as one of its prime hubs, holding press junkets and welcoming the In Style Photo Studio for the last two Festivals.  Located in the center of the Park City at 449 Main Street, the crowd in the two-story space swells to capacity nearly every night.

Past highlights have included a seated dinner hosted by Matthew McConaughey for Mud; Nicole Kidman's glam entrance at the party for Stoker; the crowd dancing late into the night with DJ Spider at the party for The East alongside Alexander Skarsgaard and Ellen Page; and from 2012, a dinner to toast Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Olsen for Red Lights,  James Marsden and Liv Tyler at the party for Frank the Robot; Richard Gere at the dinner for Arbitrage;  and Rashida Jones (with proud dad,Qunincy Jones), Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts at the Celeste and Jesse Forever party.

2014 lineup:

Saturday, January 18

SKELETON TWINS (Director: Craig Johnson); Kristen Wiig, Ty Burrell, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson, Boyd Holbrook, Joanna Gleason

WISH I WAS HERE (Director: Zach Braff); Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Ashley Greene, Joey King

Sunday, January 19

LOW DOWN (Director: Jeff Preiss); Glenn Close, Flea, Elle Fanning, Anthony Keidis, Peter Dinklage

THE VOICES (Director: Marjane Satrapi); Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick

LIFE AFTER BETH (Director: Jeff Baena); Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Cheryl Hines, Paul Reiser

Monday, January 20

SONG ONE (Director: Kate Barker-Froyland); Anne Hathaway

RUDDERLESS (Director: William H. Macy);  William H. Macy, Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, Selena Gomez, Laurence Fishburne



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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lazare by Eric Frechon

By Paige Donner

As I sit here at my desk and write this blog post, my little doggy is sitting on my lap. It's her preferred spot when I'm writing at my desk. Yes, I am lucky, aren't I ?

I mention this because it feels so right to have such a comforting presence so close by while writing about Eric Frechon's newest restaurant, Lazare. Eric Frechon is one of France's star chefs. He has 3 Michelin Stars. The restaurants he oversees are at Le Bristol Hotel, the Paris Palace that is a stone's throw from the Elysée and favored by that sort of lofty and VIP crowd. And now, in addition to all that, he's opened up his own independent restaurant in Paris called Lazare.

Chef Eric Frechon at his new Paris restaurant Lazare  photo by Paige Donner copyright '13

Chef Eric Frechon at his new Paris restaurant Lazare photo by Paige Donner copyright '13

So it was with curiosity and no real pre-set expectations that I set out to discover Lazare. What I found was a chef who has remained connected to his kitchen and, more importantly, to the people he's preparing and serving his food for.

Lazare Paris 11 LocalFoodAndWine

eric frechon equipe Lazare localfoodandwine

At Lazare what you'll find are Mom's recipes, re-visited a bit with Frechon's flair. The whole restaurant, from the food to the ambiance has Comfort Food stamped on it. And within it. The dishes are hands down a delight. And I hate to say it, but that's sort of to be expected from a 3-Michelin Starred chef, isn't it ? I mean, right ?

So why would I choose Lazare on a Sunday morning for its €36 brunch over dozens and dozens of other venues in Paris, all outstanding ? Besides being a fan of the kind-hearted and gentle Frechon, his new restaurant speaks to me on several levels.

I like, for example, how the dishes are served tableside. My pumpkin soup, the lightest, creamiest, fluffiest pumpkin soup I've ever tasted, was served from its tureen at the table by my courteous and friendly server. As was my dining partners poached salmon with autumnal roasted vegetables. It made me feel like I was eating at a friend's house. And I could be sure that none of the dishes had been kept even for a moment under a heat lamp awaiting the server's return .

What else ? I liked how the big black chalkboards hung on the tops of the  walls that reach up to the high ceilings were written like a train schedule, with departure times and then the indicated destination, which in this case was a culinary one. Such as departure 15 :47 Aperitif and Snacking.

And of course I loved loved loved how Mr. Frechon explained to me that his signature Paris – Deauville dessert was one that he had poached first off his mom and then tweaked a bit to get it just right to serve in his new restaurant, located at the famous – and fully refurbished and renovated – Gare St. Lazare train station. If you haven't guessed it yet, the station is known for its departures to Deauville leaving from Paris.

Frechon has achieved here comfort food. Yes it's stylish but not so fancy that it's unapproachable. It's more like the comfort food that a 3-Star Michelin chef would imagine. It's a Paris Newest not to be missed and the restaurant's proximity to the Galeries Lafayette – Printemps shopping district makes it a perfect stop-in for lunch, dinner, and/or a snack at the bar. And of course Sunday Brunch. Tip : Call ahead for reservations.

Parvis de la Gare Saint-Lazare, Rue Intérieure


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