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Episode 23: Air, Water and Well-being Hello 2017 with Love, from Paris GOOD food + wine

Paige Donner, host-producer of Paris GOOD food + wine brings you the January '17 episode of the program, the first-ever English language radio show and podcast about French food and wine broadcast from Paris. To contact Paige:

In this show we speak to you from Le Centre Element in the Marais, Paris' chic central neighborhood. More than a yoga studio, the Centre Element is a center of well-being. Here we have conversations with Pia LeCannu, a yoga teacher and evolving wellness enthusiast about her approach to good food and healthy eating.

Next we speak with Xavier Chabeur, the owner of the Centre Element as he explains to us his philosophy behind his center. His emphasis is on plenty of oxygen for the body, structured water and also how important meditating is for our own health and the health of the planet.

So relax and enjoy another episode of Paris GOOD food + wineParis GOOD food + wine, with me, your host and producer, Paige Donner.

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*NOTE French word of the day:  Curcuma = Turmeric

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December in Paris saw high levels of pollution in our air quality. So much so that for several days during several weeks public transportation was free. It was an attempt to get commuters to leave their cars at home and ride the bus or Metro.

This got me thinking, once again, that there are few things as essential to our daily nutrition as clean air and water. So I contacted a yoga teacher friend of mine and asked her to meet me at the Centre Element in the Marais, a yoga and well-being center. There we arranged to discuss the issues of healthy eating, clean air and clean water. The owner of the Centre Element, Xavier Chabeur, happened to be there that day and so he, too, shares his thoughts about how we can better take care of the basics, air, oxygen and structured water, when it comes to a well-being approach to food and our bodies.

Pia Le Cannu, the yoga teacher who is featured in the first half of this January 2017 show, spends part of her time in Amsterdam and so she can easily compare the air quality between that city and Paris.

According to her, the pollution in our air at times here in Paris is tangible, at least when compared to the pristine air of Amsterdam. Of course, myself, as a transplanted Los Angeleno, remember all too well the eye-burning yellow clouds of smog that would descend on our city of Angels altogether too frequently. Compared to Los Angeles, Paris' air is pristine.

But clean air and clean water should not be a relative issue. Rather it is an absolute – either our air and water are clean and healthy for human consumption or they are not. Is there really an inbetween? And if you, like myself, agree that clean air and clean water are a basic human right, then keep listening to Episode 23 of Paris GOOD food + wine as we start this year 2017 off in the right direction: air, water and well-being.

Le Centre Element  -  7, rue des Guillemites  75004 Paris

Restaurant & Patisserie Shop Recommendations (As mentioned in the January Show)

In the interview Pia talks about the golden curcuma (turmeric)latte, that you can find in the nicest spot in Montmartre: Café Tabac

She also mentioned 

Mandoo Bar, Paris 8 Corean restaurant that is a delight, with an open kitchen and extremely fresh food. 

Causses, rue notre dame de Lorette, Paris 9

Season, rue Dupuis, Paris 3 

and Ze Kitchen Galerie, rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6

I mention three Patisseries that are either gluten-free, sugar-free or both:

Helmut Newcake, Foucade and Eugène

Those listings, including addresses and reviews, can be found on my 10BEST listing here:

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