Saturday, March 11, 2017

Domaine de RocheVille, Loire, France

by Paige Donner

Le Page, Le Prince, Le Roi, La Dame et La Favorite - names that evoke pages from French history, a past steeped in aristocracy - Princes, Kings, and favored ladies from the nobility. The Loire Valley was for centuries the preferred leisurely resting place for France's aristocracy. The many chateaus that the region is famous for is testament to this.

Hence Domaine de RocheVille's estate owner Philippe Porché's naming of his wines after the royalty that once inhabited his region is not at all farfetched though indeed it is whimsical. His wines are made either with chenin blanc or cabernet sauvignon. According to Porché the chenin blanc varietal is one of the most versatile and expresive wine grapes yet still underappreciated. The region around Anjou is the only one in the world where over 9000 hectares of chenin blanc are planted in both shale (schist) and limestone. To achieve the varied expressions of his mono-varietal wines, he vinifies from select parcels on his 16 hectares of vineyards with help from his wife Agnes.




La Favorite - bubbly and very low sugar dosage, anywhere from 0 - 6 grams, Saumur Brut cremant noir

Le Troubadour - a rosé with notes of wild peach, some apricot and touch of ocean salinity; Saumur Rosé is now its own appellation

La Jouvencelle - Saumur dry white; fresh and full of youth, full of citrus and tropical notes

Le Clos de la Thibaudiere - delicate nose of citrus and white fruit, a pleasantly complex dry white

La Dame - Saumur dry white, white flowers and tropical fruit with a hint of vanilla; a wine to savor during the accompaniment of a meal

Le Page 2014 - its smooth and slightly astringent tannins make this a lively wine; ripe cherry aromas; fresh and fruity this is a good wine for shared meals with friends;  100% cab franc from the foot of Parnay's mediaeval church

Le Prince 2014 - Saumur Champigny 100% cab franc, notes of spice, velvety mouth

Le Roi 2010 - Harmonious and with notable power the mouth finishes with notes of oak and woodiness which contrast elegantly with the first tastes of dark red fruit; a long finish

Le Fou du roi 2011 - black fruits and toasty on the nose, this expressive wine finishes strong and velvety, nicely structured

The wine estate Domaine de RocheVille in Parnay, Loire region of France welcomes visitors.  DOMAINE DE ROCHEVILLE
Les Hauts de Valbrun 49730 Parnay
Phone 02 4138 1000


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