Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cristal Vibrations


by Paige Donner

This title actually began as a chapter heading for my journal entry about my visit to Champagne Louis Roederer in Reims. But I liked it so much that I'm using it here, too. It just works so beautifully. It describes simply what Cristal, the legendary champagne by Roederer, is all about. Or, more precisely, what Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, Roederer's Chef de Caves - that's Cellar Master or "winemaker" in French - does with his wines.

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It was at the cellars in Reims where I was treated to a guided tour by none other than Mr. Lécaillon. Yes, a visit to the cellars where Cristal is made, where a million bottles of the golden elixir lay resting before disgorgement, and by the very man who blends this most famous of the world's champagnes.

Unbelievable. Or, rather, Unforgettable.

It's required a fair amount of reflection to settle upon a term as to how to describe the man who elaborates the world's most famous, and perhaps loved, champagne... Read Entire Post HERE + Picture Gallery 

Cristal is a wine. It is a celebrated champagne. The most celebrated on Earth, in fact. And it is a singularly unique vibratory energy. It's a frequency. It's a vibration. It's the Cristal Vibration.

Lécaillon imprints his wines with this energetic vibration. Or, more precisely, he orchestrates the energetic vibrational imprint that nature has already made on the grapes - via the crayères (chalky champagne soil and cellars), the sun exposure, the placement of the vines the climactic conditions of that year - and allows its essence expression in his champagnes...

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