Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Corton Grand Cru - Charlotte Dumay


Recently I was privileged to taste some of the great Hospices de Beaune (Burgundy) wines. These were the 2012 vintages, so not only are they “babies,” they are still infants.

Which made them all the more remarkable for how present they already are and how their destinies of future greatness are unmistakable.

For sentimental reasons, it was a very special experience for me to taste this wine. My grandmother, all her adult life, sat by the fire in the evenings and knitted bandages that she would donate for the patients at the Hospice. Her name was Charlotte. 


Corton Grand Cru - Cuvée Charlotte Dumay

Tasting Notes: Deep brilliant ruby red. Light funghi on the bouquet, mineral, ripe red berry fruit finish. Altogether too drinkable. Open late 2013 and keep for up to 10 years and longer. 


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Roland Masse (pictured above), the Manager of the Domaine des Hospices de Beaune said this:

When the grapes arrived at the wineries, they were in perfect health. We knew it was going to be a good year as soon as we tasted the musts.


[Excerpted from Christie's Auction Catalogue]: This gift to the Hospices was made in gothic lettering on parchment, in 1534. "For the cure and salvation of her soul," the childless Charlotte Dumay, wife of the King's Keeper of the Mint in Dijon, gave 100 ouvrées of vineyard and fallow land in the territory of Aloxe, with a house in stone. Today, this is one of the Hospice's longest-lived, most sumptuously structured wines. 

This was this year's "La Piece des Presidents" which is the auction item donated entirely to an elected charity. This year it was First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's foundation.

Hospice de Beaune Auction Price 2012: €27000 [$343,818] (tonneau - 350 liters) 





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