Friday, October 7, 2011

A Parisian Night of Cheese

By Paige Donner
[All photos by Paige Donner c. 2011]
Parisians are known to do things their own particular way. And when it comes to presenting their cheeses, they make no exception. An art exhibit that opened on October 6th at LaMilkFactory in Paris’s boho chic 11th arrondissement is none other than a full art exhibit presenting imaginative ways to serve cheeses.
A staple of any French meal, cheese, does, of course, enjoy full status as a “course” all to itself in the lineup of a meal. At Design Sur Un Plateau, Curator Cecile Cau, originator of the blog So Food So Good, and her co-hort, food design book author Stephane Bureaux, teamed up to imagine, envision and then carry out a food art design exhibit of “cheese platters” amongst a collaboration of 6 separate designers, all well-known in the field of gastronomy and/or design.
Stephane Bureaux, Food Art Design Author And Cheese Platter Designer
Germain Bourre, Consultant to Veuve Clicquot And Cheese Platter Designer
Even if cheese platters aren’t your notion of haute gastronomique design art, I recommend going and checking out Design Sur Un Plateau, showing at Milk Factory ( through January 14th, if for no other reason than the showroom is across the street from Paris’s best stocked Argentinian wine bar El Galpon (Trapiche, Schroeder; Malbecs, Torrentes…) and just next door to Paris’s well-loved Argentinian restaurant Unico, where meat-lovers can get a great steak at a really good price. In fact, the whole neighborhood is full of terrific little restaurants and is known to the locals as a “coin de gastronomie” where you can find authentically good meals at prices affordable to us working stiffs.
5, rue Paul Bert, Paris 75011




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