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Gastown's Pourhouse - Wonderful Comfort Food

By George Froehlich

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Comfort food.

There is nothing quite like.

It's simple, straightforward and it packs a myriad of flavours.

Its recipes are time-honoured.

And now a number of restaurants are coming on to the Vancouver culinary scene perfecting new flavour combinations and ingredients - all in the quest for the perfect comfort food.

In Gastown, Pourhouse, is yet another small place carving out a clientele that loves plain old comfort food that is simply delicious.

Pourhouse reminds you of one of those old-fashioned, back of the century saloons, steeped in the traditions of history.

Dark wood, exposed brick, old fashioned chandeliers, dim lights, are all part of the decor that says come in, relax, enjoy, enjoy some good old-fashioned comfort food.

Take the simple grilled cheese sandwich.

At Pourhouse it is divine and decadent but never forgetting its classic roots. Three cheeses are packed between two slices of dark bread - pan fried in butter.

The end result is something that is yummy and outstanding.

It comes with a roast vine ripened tomato soup. The soup, almost a bit sour and tart, the acidity of the tomatoes cutting through the richness of the sandwich.

It is a perfect pairing.

And that Sloppy Joe sandwich - flavours galore singing in unison from the shredded pork and beef, both simmered for hours to develop their fullest flavour profile.

The Slopping Hill pork, rich and succulent. The Pemberton beef, robust and hearty.

The house made Bap, a large roll, it originated in Scotland, is soft in texture, a perfect place for the beef-pork mixture.

And that warm chocolate cake, oozing dark rich sweet chocolate, as soon as you spoon into it, surrounded by a lovely smooth caramel.

On top a caramel salt infused ice cream - a perfect antidote to that rich sweet chocolate filling.

Double espresso, packing a mean wallop of bitterness, the best we ever had.

Pourhouse is all about attention to details.

The server was terrific, explaining all the dishes in detail.

Everything is made from scratch in the kitchen. The chocolate cake alone took 15 minutes to prepare.

Its espresso machine is one of only 10 in all of Canada. The coffee comes from J.J. Bean a local supplier and roaster.

It is only kept for 10 days after that oxidization kicks in and the coffee loses its punch.

Pourhouse - serving excellent comfort food in an atmosphere of history and tradition.

See what else is on the menu at Pourhouse.


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