Monday, February 15, 2010

Pacific Kissed B.C. Oysters In Vancouver

Comox Valley on Vancouver Island is not only the where the locavore community was born in B.C. but also where much of the region's best shellfish comes from.  If you are lucky enough to be in Vancouver during the shellfish season, look for the Pacific Kiss oyster, B.C.'s renowned shellfish that has a sustainably farmed stamp of approval. Pacific Kiss affiliate partners are providing 12 different kinds of shellfish to be served side-by-side.  Participating restaurants are Monk McQueen's Restaurant and Patio and Joe Fortes Seafood and Chophouse.

British Columbia boasts some of the richest shores found throughout the world. There are over 1,000 oyster farmers caringly growing dozens of varieties of world-class oysters along those shores. Eating oysters in B.C. is eating locally sourced, sustainably cultivated food. In fact, when you choose to eat oysters in B.C. you are supporting a small farmer and a rural community.

The Pacific Kiss platter is offering a tasting of oysters, their full flavors offered side-by-side, giving a rare culinary experience to savor and compare the subtle differences in Beach oysters, to deep-water-cultured oysters to those oysters grown by the K'omox First Nations to the tray-cultured beach hardened oyster.  Each of the twelve varieties come from a different coastal region of B.C.  The Pacific Kiss stamp of approval authenticates that the oyster has been grown in a sustainable and environmentally sound way by a registered B.C. Shellfish Association member. Pacific Kiss respects and adheres to both the Sea Kiss and OceanWise programs.

 Here is a short video on How To Shuck An Oyster by Nigel McMeans, executive chef at the BlackFin Pub at the Marina in the Comox Valley:

A few more choices for fresh B.C. Shellfish are:
C Restaurant (an Ocean Wise Founding Restaurant Partner)

900 West Lounge - The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - 900 West Georgia Street - 604.684.3131
A Kettle of Fish – 900 Pacific Street - 604.682.6661
Aqua Riva – 200 Granville Street - 604.683.5599
Aria Restaurant & Lounge - 433 Robson Street - 604.602.1999

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olympic Feasting, A Vancouver Olympic Feat

Up in British Columbia we take food and wine seriously.  Maybe not as seriously as we do hockey and those other winter sports, but seriously enough.  So for all the revellers coming to the city starting Now, VANOC [that stands for Vancouver Olympic Committee] wanted to make sure there's plenty to eat and drink, as well as do and see, in Vancouver, the Olympic City of Winter 2010.

Now, we know we're stretching the notion of "locavore" a bit thin here, but since so many nationalities are converging and calling Vancouver "home" for a few weeks this February, we thought we'd be generous and extend to them a temporary pass for "local" as in "locavore" and Local Foods.  After all, they are serving "local" foods to where they're that's gotta count for something.

Saxony House
Cooking will be done by Saxon Chefs.  Its location is the Vancouver Rowing Club, 450 Stanley Park Drive.  You will enjoy free entry and menu items, in addition to the Kostritzer Schwarzbier and the Wernesgruner Pilsner ($9), will feature crispy roast pork with sauerkraut, grilled sausage with Bautzen mustard and trout in Riesling sauce with wild rice. Their apple and plum cakes will be baked on site.  No kids after 9pm. And live music every night from 6pm to 11pm by De Erbschleicher.  INFO:  From Feb. 12 - 28, 12p.m. to 2 a.m.

Irish House
The Olympic Council of Ireland and the Irish Heritage Society have partnered to present this 9,000 square foot pavilion located next to Doolin's Irish Pub on Nelson Street.  Free for kids. Grown-ups pay $10 for admission until 7p.m, after that it's party time and only open to adults, who pay $20 for admission.  Steak and Guinness pie, corned beef and cabbage and burgers with Irish bacon will be served over-the-counter and prepared by local Vancouver chefs.  Did we mention Guinness on tap? Food priced at around $9. Doolin's is also open, look for the separate entrance.  The daytime family-friendly atmosphere  boasts local Irish storytellers, dancers and musicians. INFO:  654 Nelson Street
Holland Heineken House
The Dutch have taken over two hockey rinks in Minoru Arena, Richmond to create the famed Heineken House.  Watch for the swarms of Dutch expected to to make the Holland House their party central. Apparently, "speed skating in Holland is like Hockey in Canada," according to Ted Townsend, spokesperson for the City Richmond.  Entrance is free, but expect lines for the wristband you'll need to get each day.  Adults only after 7 p.m.  For eats: hotchpotch, a stew made from potatoes, veggies such as carrots, kale and sauerkraut, and beef, smoked sausage or crisp-fried pork. They're also serving Canadian fare such as salmon adn buffalo steaks.  Dutch chefs are cooking the two nightly dinner seatings. Prices between $17 and $30 and there will also be snacks...and Heineken! on tap!  INFO:
House of Switzerland Canada 2010
Already written about in these pages...but just suffice to say that different days will see different and free samplings:  Lindt Chocolate, cheeses from Switzerland and the Swiss soft drink, Rivella.  Swiss Chef Beda Zingg will work with Bridges Chef Shane McNeil on specialties like Swiss air-dried meat adn venison with spaetzle for the restaurant. Menu also includes moitie-moitie a fondue made with two types of Swiss cheeses and garlic. INFO:  1696 Duranleau Street, Granville Island

Monday, February 8, 2010

Local Flavors: The Best Poutine In Vancouver

Even Americans have discovered the delicious Canadian dish, Poutine.

Follow, "Follow Me Foodie's," Mijune Pak on her quest for Vancouver's Best Poutine (on Davie Street.)

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okanagan Greens A Conduit For Local Food

Okanagan Greens A Conduit For Local Food

Okanagan Greens hosted this weekend their Conduit Festival.  It was a celebration of live music, local farms, art, emerging artists and all things Okanagan.There were over 100 local poets, musicians, crafters and artists contributing.  Story tellers from En’Owkin shared ancient stories of the land and generations past.

Okanagan Greens’ Conduit Festival Event 2010

Conduit is all about the Global Green Movement. It is a Zero Waste all Organic and Local faire, self-sufficiency Festival that dealt with the issue of Climate change with proactive creative solutions from the Okanagan community. It is for everyone to be inspired and involved in our societal evolution, understanding and wellbeing.

The 5th Annual Organic Okanagan Festival will be held at Summerhill Pyramid Winery September 26th, 2010.

For  more Information please go to:  Okanagan Greens

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Monday, February 1, 2010

First Nations Host Food In Olympic Pavilion

Vancouver Olympics 2010 is the first time in history that Indigenous peoples have been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as Official Partners in the hosting of Games.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are being held within the traditional and shared traditional territories of the Lil'wat, Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh.  Their First Nations Pavilion is located at Georgia and Hamilton in downtown Vancouver.

This is the Food they'll have available at the Pavilion to sample. We highly recommend you stopping by! And with a 17 page menu, there's enough selection to keep you coming back each day of the Winter Olympics 2010.

* Wild Rice Partridge Tartlets with Cranberry Drizzle
* Fiddleheads Wabanaki (your mission is to try it and write in your comment below!)

* Turtle Island seafood martini with ginger lime cream sauce
*Pan-seared asparagus wrapped in musk ox prosciutto
*Metis Bison Tourtiere
*Maple Taffy on a Stick
*Wines by Nk'Mip - the first Aboriginal owned winery in North America, located in the Okanagan

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Four Host Nations Olympic Pavilion. Check it out!